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We constantly rethink our business in order to consider all possible options.  « Rethink and resolve real estate », this is the motto we apply on a daily basis and which perfectly defines our determination to provide all conceivable solutions that meet your expectations and aspirations.

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Our values
What we do
Our Vision

Our values

Perseverance means moving forward with consistency and tenacity, without ever giving up.  Our team constantly strive towards this end, despite the obstacles that stand in the way.

Integrity means ensuring that what we say and what we do are in line with each other.  This is done by being transparent, honest and respectful.

Innovation is expressed through our ability to continuously rethink our business while providing creative and tailor-made ways to achieve solutions that work.

What we do

Our objective consists in providing our clients with a complete and specialised guidance and support to ensure their real estate is properly valued.  Our goal is to provide the most complete, creative and reliable solutions to facilitate their choices.  Find out more.

Gestea is committed to managing your real estate assets with all the proactivity, high standards and conscientiousness required for this type of mission.  That's why we offer a wide range of exclusive services specially designed for investors, owners and tenants.

Our Vision

In everything we do, our focus lies on training and the transmission of knowledge, thus contributing to providing you with professional services of the highest quality.  Find out more.

We strive for excellence: employees at Gestea receive ongoing training.  Given the constant changes in the real estate business and society, we are committed to adapting our methods and areas of expertise so as to get a 360° perspective of our clients' assets and guarantee an outstanding service delivered by advisors that are trained in all the latest new practices.

The team

From the outset, our team was enriched with people with distinct personalities, different and unique experiences which are, above all, complementary.  Hailing from all walks of life, we are driven by the same desire: to work together to offer our customers what's best

Registered real estate agent IPI 507 130

Gaëtan Leroux

Sale – Rental – Management agent

Registered real estate agent IPI 509 759

Laura de Bie

Head Trustee

0470 70 09 32

Sale - Rental - Management Agent - Management
Registered real estate agent IPI 511 950

Louis Meert

Head of brokerage

0477 57 98 87

Registered real estate agent IPI 509 790
Head of Gestea Stockel

Martin Roberti de Winghe

Head of Gestea Stockel

0475 52 15 24

Laura Melian Larruga

Head of Institutional Residential Management

02 227 64 74

Coméliau Ophélie

HR & Digital Director

0491 39 94 13

Management Agent - Management
Registered real estate agent IPI 510 497

Christophe Beaufays

Accounting Manager

Hervé van Rijckevorsel

Head of Facility Management

02 227 64 75

Ronan Bras

Operations Officer

0472 68 99 28

Éléonore Weerts

Trustee manager

0490 57 97 42

Guillaume Dumonceau

Trustee manager

0490 64 91 48

Saraanne Canivet

Trustee manager

0496 26 67 35

Cathy Van Den Broeck

Trustee manager

0476 17 34 80

Marine Thiry

Trustee manager

0476 17 34 81

Luan Garcia

Trustee manager

0497 77 91 40

Claire Dierckx

Trustee manager

0497 93 97 97

Chartered Real Estate Agent IPI 514.336

Antoine de Jamblinne de Meux

Real Estate Advisor

0478 65 26 40

Jérôme Boone

Real Estate Advisor

0475 54 09 75

Laetitia Meylemans

Real Estate Advisor

0485 08 71 83

Florence Defort

Real Estate Advisor

0473 67 58 30

Neriman Turker

Real Estate Advisor

02 227 64 82

Gaëtana Pirrera

Real Estate Advisor

0496 13 81 14

Gaëlle Honinckx

Office Coordinator

0470 10 50 07

Chartered Real Estate Agent IPI
Gestea Stockel

Lancelot Breuls de Tiecken

Property Adviser Gestea Stockel

0478 51 27 56

Gestea Stockel

Adrien Laloux

Property Adviser Gestea Stockel

0499 71 09 30

Gestea Stockel

François Lambert

Property Adviser Gestea Stockel

0494 53 09 24

Anthony Alacapa


0490 57 48 72

Anne-Sophie de Galembert


0493 89 12 11

Agathe Allard


0492 72 97 00

Danny Fuentes


0486 70 59 37

Antoine Matthys

Property Manager

0477 76 30 80

Justine Claerhout

Communication & Marketing Manager

0493 27 12 18

Patricia Van Eeckhout

Senior Property Accountant

Céline Fernandes

Property Accountant

Bilal Arbaj

Property Accountant

Monica Cioroianu

Property Accountant

Sarah Aquichouh

Property Accountant Manager

Robin Marc

Property Accountant

Salima Moussa

Property Accountant

Daniel Malheiros

Property Accountant

Muriel Paquay

Accountant & HR Officer

Jordy Garcia Lopez

Accountant Trustee

Diana Imbrescu

Co-ownership Management Agent Accountant

Maria Mironescu

Accountant Trustee

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