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Discover all our properties for sale or for rent and rely on the Gestea consultants' expertise.


Ask Gestea to defend the interests of your co-ownership so that you can benefit from an efficient service.

Rental management

Ask Gestea to manage your properties; it will do it duly and properly.


On the Gestea website, you can find furnished apartments for a duration varying from 1 week to 6 months, or even longer.

Our other personalized support services

Free estimate
Rely on our experience in order to have your property estimated for free and without any commitment.
Drafting of rental agreements
Do you need some help in order to draw up a rental agreement? Our lawyer will support you.
Landlord-tenant settlement
Consult our accountant in order to have your landlord-tenant settlement calculated.
Splitting buildings
Splitting buildings into several units can't be improvised. Rely on our knowhow.
Benefit from our network of privileged partners in order to realize your projects successfully.
Order the certifications required for the sale or rent, at interesting rates.